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Web Hosting

We provide hosting for our powerful self-managed custom websites at a flat rate of $20/month and domain names for $10/year.  See our Web Hosting Basics page if you would like to learn some basics about having a website.

This flat hosting rate provides you with much more than just disk space and bandwidth on a server.   With nothing more than your web browser, you can easily manage your website yourself!  All of our new sites or conversions of existing sites include:

  • Editing the content of each page and uploading images with a easy to use WYSIWYG editor!
  • Adding or removing entire pages
  • Links on your main navigation are automatically updated when pages are added
  • An automatically generated site map page.
  • Tracking your site visitors with Google Analytics
  • Creating login accounts for people you wish to have as members of your site
  • Creating private pages that can be seen only by your site members
  • Ability to send group e-mail to your site members
  • A contact page that enables visitors to send e-mail to you without giving away your e-mail address
  • Unlimited e-mail accounts using your domain name
  • Automatic registration of all new pages and page changes with the search engines using Google Sitemaps and RSS Web Site Feeds for Yahoo
  • Advanced editing tools that go beyond what you can normally do with a word processor.
  • Ability to restore the content of pages to a previous date should you accidently commit a change you didn't want.
  • A guarantee that problems with the server or web application, or content errors we made are corrected without additonal charge to you
  • Up to 1 Gigabyte of server disk space
  • Up to 10 Gigabytes per month of bandwidth.

Note: Other providers often promote much more capacity than this, but it is a common marketing practice these days to oversell disk space and bandwidth.  Normal websites don’t ever need that much capacity and if every website actually used the disk space and bandwidth advertised these providers would not have enough resources to meet the demand.  Many will have clauses in their terms and conditions that effectively prevent you from utilizing all that capacity or mechanisms to slow access effectively preventing you from that bandwidth. Our largest sites currently average about 50 Megabytes of storage and most months use less than 2 Gigabytes of bandwidth even with some video on the site.

Under certain circumstances you may need additional storage or bandwidth. E-mail accounts are typically the reason for storage overages.  Your website itself may on occasion go over their bandwidth limit.  This most often occurs when you have large images or videos and have a surge of visitors.  We typically absorb these overages and temporarily bump up your limit without additional charge.  However if your site begins to sustain higher traffic we will need to negotiate a new monthly rate.

  • Extra Storage: additional $5 monthly for each added Gigabyte
  • Extra Bandwidth: additional $2 monthly for each added Gigabyte of monthly bandwidth

Although 100% up time for every website is our goal, this is dependent on electrical power to our server, etc. Upon notification of any website “down,” in the past we have been able to have them up and running within 1-2 hours and will certainly do our best. We do not guarantee any up- time percentages.

We normally take calls 9am to 9pm 7 days/week and will respond to any phone calls or e-mail messages regarding problems within 24 hours. Most problems on the server are handled by data center staff working 24x7.

Our websites are hosted on a dedicated server located in a datacenter of HostGator in Utah.